Bottom Line Tuba Quartet


The Bottom Line Tuba Quartet was founded in 1997 out of a desire to break free of the limitations of more "traditional" musical groups. Hundreds of listeners have come away with a sense that they have witnessed four talented musicians who take great joy in expressing their art, and in imparting that happiness to others. Presenters such as the Arcady Chamber Music Festival, Ecoplan Architects, the Ossining Public Library, the Emelin Theater, and the Yonkers Community Arts Festival have all chosen to go beyond the stereotypical, and have delighted, amazed, and enlightened their patrons. With a free-ranging repertoire of transcriptions and original compositions from all genres, the Quartet seeks to prove that quality music-making is the "Bottom Line!"

The scoop...

Who we are:

Rob Stattel, Euphonium
Walter Barrett, Euphonium
Joshua Mandel, F tuba
Andrew Seligson, CC Tuba

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